Homemade is the Name of the Game for Leona’s New Menu

While I was compensated for this post by Leona’s Pizzeria the thoughts and opinions are my own. WARNING: For those not from Chicagoland, I’m sorry this post will make your mouth water and want to hop a flight here immediately. 

When my middle son was born, we had his Baptism party at Leona’s. We had always thought the food, atmosphere and service, were great, but we didn’t know it could get better. Last week, Leona’s released their new menu, and it is outstanding. It was one of those moments where I realized that just when I thought something could not get any better, it did.

Leona’s has been in Chicago since 1950, but recently is under new ownership and has reinvented the menu with all things homemade. If you’re looking for fresh, traditional Italian with a modern flare Leona’s Pizzeria is where its at. Also, with locations all over Chicagoland, take out, and delivery, you really don’t have any excuse not to try this awesomeness.


I had the pleasure of trying some of the new menu last week, and I was amazed. They have a lot of Leona’s old favorites (like the Romano Chicken) but this time it is all homemade in house. I may never cook again! That’s not true, but I do have a new place to enjoy dinner out on those nights when I’m not in the mood for eating out.


Antipasto Salad

My favorite thing on the menu is the Kick A$$ Garlic Bread. I know what you’re thinking, “C’mon, Erin, it’s just garlic bread.” NO! It’s just garlic bread.


It is HOMEMADE foccacia bread with homemade compound garlic butter. It is like when I make it myself in my kitchen. Also, some of there sandwiches like the Italian beef are served right on this awesome bread, and it is delicious. Next time I go back, it is will be an Italian Beef with extra giardiniera please!


I cannot wait to bring Brian here too! He is the ravioli man, and he will love all the varieties and homemade sauces to accompany them. I have tried making homemade ravioli for Brian, just like his grandmother used to make, and I ended up sweating and in tears. Now, I will just take him to Leona’s. I have a feeling he will like all of them from the asparagus and grana padano cheese topped with marinara sauce to the veal and portabello mushroom ravioli topped with meat sauce. I take that all back. Brian make just want the tiramisu. I cannot say I would blame him.


When I’m not cooking in my kitchen, you know where I will be from now on.

To check out Leona’s new menu CLICK HERE!

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