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Last week, as I was pulling into the garage after an afternoon of chauffeuring the children, I saw a box on my doorstep. Assuming it was another computer part for my husband’s work, I realized that it was addressed to me. Upon opening the box, there was a note from my friend of 15 years and a gorgeous bouquet of tulips and irises. As I was tearfully putting the flowers in water and immediately texting her to thank her, I was overcome with gratitude for all of the wonderful women in my life. Every woman has a story about her bestie. The Her Stories Project is filled with them.


When my friend Shannan of Tween Us fame announced that a story she had written was going to be a part of The Her Stories Project, I was thrilled for her. I couldn’t wait to read what she had written. Little did I know that I was in for so much more.

The Her Stories Project is a series of essays written by women all over the country. The essays explore and reveal the wonder that is the female friendship. This collection runs the gamut of everything related to girlfriends. There are stories of love and pain, joy and tragedy, loyalty and hilarity. And I devoured it.

The last few weeks, I have been in and out of doctor’s offices and everywhere I have gone, I have toted my Her Stories with me and its as if it has magical powers. There is no colder, more sterile or lonely place that a waiting room. However,this book instantly made the waiting room warmer and friendlier. The Her Stories Project is filled with stories that are so diverse and relatable that with every turn of the page, I was making mental notes to call my gal pals and set up a time to get together.

It was filled with those “me too” moments that make you feel as if you have gained another friend who shares and understands your story.


With Valentine’s Day coming up, this is the perfect token to show your gal pals how you care. I think I will definitely be buying a few copies for my sister and all of my wonderful girlfriends.

To buy a copy of this book, CLICK HERE. You can read about The HerStories Project on the website or like them on Facebook.

(I was given a copy of The HerStories Project, however the thoughts and opinions of this book are my own.)

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