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Pinteresting: Microwave Mug Cookies


So, I have three things to say:
I know millions of people have said this, so add me to the
We were jonesing for some chocolate chip cookies.
With how hot it is here, the last thing I want to do is turn
on the oven. I made cookies last week for Brian, but that isn’t happening again
for a while.
Last night, my friend pinned this on Pinterest, and bless
her for doing so.
I whipped up these bad boys up so fast. I even made five of
them at one time in our microwave, and it totally worked.
In true Erin fashion, made a few additions. The first
addition is I put a drop (I used a kids medicine dropper) of  pure vanilla extract in each cup at the
same time I added the egg yolk. When the cookies were finished, I scooped a
little vanilla ice cream on top.
 Everyone liked. Can you tell?
 Thanks to, Pinterest, and my friend who pinned.