March 25, 2015

Spring Cleaning: What a Sham (WOW)

We are a few days into Spring, and I have not Spring cleaned a thing yet. (gasp!)

I take that back, I scrubbed the kitchen floor the other day. It was gloriously clean for an entire day for a hot minute. Then it snowed. Not just a little flurry, but a ridiculous 4 inches of heavy wet SPRING insanity, and it didn't matter that people took off their shoes. I still had to bring the groceries in the house the day of the SPRING blizzard of 2015 and that made for a messy floor.

So here I am, a queen of domesticity about to tell you 7 Reasons Why Spring Cleaning is a Sham (WOW). 

1.) Unpredictable weather: Let's just call Spring in the Midwest what it is, shall we? Toddler of weather. I want to build a snowman, no wait, I want to pick flowers, no wait, I want to splash in puddles, no wait, I want to fly a kite. I WANT TO RUN IN SPRINKLERSSS!!! GET OUT THE SIDEWALK CHALK! WHERE'S MY SNOW BOOTS! Get in the basement there's a tornado warning! This is currently the state of my front hall because every day there is a new kind of clothing to be worn, and I refuse to put any of it away until this kid known as weather makes up his damn mind!

2.) School is still in session: When school is going on there is homework, and papers, and activities, and so many more things to keep track of that it just doesn't seem to be a good time to add in a huge reorganization and cleaning of the entire house. And the papers! The school papers are everywhere. You know that old saying about when you pluck a gray hair and 6 more grow in its place? I'm pretty sure that for every school paper I throw away, a million more multiply.

3.) Spring is busy: My family and I have a lot going on in the Spring and mostly we are just trying to keep afloat. Soccer, ice skating, ballet recital rehearsals, local elections, Listen to Your Mother practices, TAXES, extra writing submissions, CCD, Brian out of town, me out of town, dinners out, and that is in addition to everything else. I refuse to Spring clean. So, I do the only logical thing. I straighten up and hide things in the closet when people are coming over.

4.) When the weather actually is nice: Those first few gorgeous days when the sun is out, and you don't have to wear a jacket and it is still light out past 4:00 p.m., I really don't want to spend that time cleaning. I would so much rather take the kids outside (because it might be snowing tomorrow, again). See ya!

5.) Did I mention the papers? I don't think you guys realize the papers. So, I'll show you again. 

6.) Project time: Since my house looks like a bomb of papers and weather appropriate clothing went off anyway, this is the time of year I usually do some household projects. Then, when I am ready to do a big clean and organizing project, I just clean everything up at one time. This is called not re-inventing the wheel, or something like that. 

7.) Spring Break: There are very few people who have the opportunity to spend a week all together as a family. Because my husband is in education, he has an entire week to spend with us and the kids who are also off school the at the same time. We usually spend that week taking day trips to places around town and spending time together. There is no way I am trading scrubbing baseboard and organizing toys for that!

I saving the Spring Cleaning for Summer!

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March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Spirit

Over the years, three things keep happening to me. I get older. I get wiser. I have become worse with my time management skills.

I have found it increasingly difficult to manage my time and the time of my family. It seems like rather than crossing things off my To Do list I just keep adding. I have just come the realization that there will always be something to do, and I will somehow get it done. I pay for it, and I go through spurts of very busy and chaotic times. However, it is worth it.

In fact, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know there are times I should be going through the papers on my desk or putting laundry away, or planning for something.

However, there are days when I know there are just much more important things to do. Like chatting and eating lunch with my girl after pre-school. Stopping by my Mom’s for a cup of tea and a visit. Baking something with real butter. Being on a funny group text with my siblings. Playing hockey in the driveway with my boys. Drinking the nice wine and telling stories with my friends.

I was thinking about St. Patrick’s Day, and how I love going to my Mom’s with my family to eat and just be. There is no exchanging of presents, or dressing up, or fanciness. There is family, laughing, some stories, maybe some music (if we remember to turn it on), butter on Irish Soda Bread, and a beer or two.

That’s it. While it doesn’t seem like much, it is everything in this life.

Which is why I love this day so much, and why as I get older I’m trying to live it out a little bit every day. The older I get the wiser I am and the more I appreciate these small moments.

So, however you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, remember to include your family, have a few laughs, tell some stories, maybe a little music (if you remember to turn it on), don’t for get the butter, and maybe have a beer or two if that’s your thing.

Try to do a bit of that every day.

Because in this life, it is everything!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Readers!

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