The Last Slice: An Uncommon Goods Story

This post has been compensated by Uncommon Goods however the opinions and stories are 100% my own.

My Dad had a ridiculous sweet tooth. He loved all sorts of sweet treats and baked goods. Milkshakes, doughnuts, cakes, and cookies. He had a particular fondness of pie.

My Dad who was also a hardworking and genuinely great guy had come home from a long day at the office. Most days after work, Dad would go for a run, do some lawn work, or if it was one of our many sports seasons he would end up having to head right to coach us. I think the physical activity would help him unwind. However, on one particular day, no amount of physical activity was going to help.

Berry Wash 5

There was one day when I was about 10 and we had a gorgeous and fresh blueberry pie in the house.

My Dad had walked in the house and had seen the pie sitting on the counter he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t even change his clothes or exchange pleasantries with anyone. He grabbed a fork and plate with an almost ‘Hello, old friend’ look in his eyes, and helped himself to a slice. My brother, Kevin, and I were looked at each other wide eyed knowing that dinner was soon, and Mom wouldn’t be happy to see a slice of pie missing. It must have been a particularly rough day for Dad at work, though, because he got up from the table again and helped himself to another slice of blueberry pie. He wolfed it down as fast as the first, this time topping it off with a glass of milk. He went to the counter for another slice. Then another. Kevin and I’s eyes widened with every gigantic slice of pie that was eaten. Until, finally, there was only one slice left. Kevin and I looked at the pie plate, then at each other.

We had just witnessed a stress eating session of epic proportions.

We thought he was finished when he had cleared his mess from the table, the only evidence of the insanity was the one slice of pie left in the pie tin.


Dad walked to the counter grabbed the entire pie plate, and dug in with his fork and finished the entire blueberry pie.

I guess he figured there was no sense in leaving just one slice. Looking back, I kind of agree. What’s the point?

When I eat pie, I think of my Dad and that last slice of pie every time, and I always laugh.

For those that read my blog on a regular basis, you know that when it comes to gifts or things in my home I like to surround myself and decorate with things that are sentimental, remind me of something, or possibly have a history, and have a lot of heart. When Uncommon Goods reached out to me and asked me to write about their beautiful line of products I was eager to pair up with a company that is sentimental, personal, and has a lot of heart.

Uncommon Goods supports artists, most of them living right here in the United States by selling handmade items such as home decor, wall art, kitchen and housewares, and even jewelry. Many of the unique items Uncommon Goods sells use recycled or up cycled materials which show their commitment to our planet. Also, as a part of their mission, and this was my favorite part, Uncommon Goods employs all of its workers for a fair wage. In fact, their lowest paid seasonal worker receives 50% more than the local minimum wage. If that doesn’t show heart, I don’t know what does.


Uncommon Goods asked me to browse around their wall art line which you can find here or home decor line which you can find here, or their adorable line of decorative pillows which you can find here.  Then, I was to find something that I liked for our home. Let me tell you, it was not easy as there are so many adorable and beautiful items to choose.

As my list of items to choose got longer, I saw this adorable watercolor entitled The Last Slice by Kendyll Hillegas in the Wall Art section, and I stopped dead in my tracks. Hillegas paints ordinary every day objects, and this ordinary everyday object was perfect.

Uncommon Goods The Last Slice 1

It immediately made me think of my Dad and the blueberry pie story. I knew it would look adorable hanging in my dining room, and it would bring me back to the moment not just when I am eating a slice of pie but every time I sit down in my dining room.

Not only is the watercolor itself so cute and a perfect addition to any kitchen, but I am loving the natural wood tone of the frame.

It arrived perfectly packaged. Safe and sound.

Uncommon Goods The Last Slice 2

And it is hanging for all to admire. I am looking forward to someone asking me about it, so I can not only share where I got such an adorable piece of art, but also share a funny family story.

Uncommon Goods The Last Slice 3

If you would like more information about Uncommon Goods or to shop, visit the website. For news or information about new items follow them Uncommon Goods on Facebook or Twitter.



I’m A zulily Believer

I was compensated for this post by zulily, but the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

There are a few things I feel I have missed the boat on: Breaking Bad, Cronuts, and zulily. I don’t know if it is because I have been so busy carting people to various activities, watching Parks and Rec, or debating if I should paint the kitchen cabinets (again). I just sometimes feel that I am often late to the game on things.

When the awesome people of zulily reached out and asked if I would like to write about zulily, I felt a little more than sheepish admitting I had never even purchased anything from there. However, after one shopping trip, I am a zulily believer!

I cannot stress to you enough the awesomeness of zulily!


Obviously, when going to I made a bee line for the home category, and was astounded at all the adorable, functional, and amazing items they had. Also, the prices couldn’t be beat! From rugs to lamps, furniture to kitchenware, I was sold.


Photo courtesy of

Look at this adorable vintage flour sifter I snagged. My grandma used to have one of these, and they work perfectly, but I hadn’t been able to find one anywhere at a price I liked!


Also, check out the vintage kitchen section. All of the glassware is just begging for a Thirsty Thursday cocktail.


Photo courtesy of

What about this chair? I know I cannot even. This would look great as an accent chair or a dining chair or a desk chair or…


I also loved the art section. I found this cute print, and I cannot take my eyes off of it!


This site has more than housewares though, they have clothes for every member of your family, health and beauty items, shoes, and all kinds of things for baby and kids.

I know I was late to the game on this, but I think I have found a new place to shop!

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My Target Addiction: 9 Tips for Getting the Best Deal at Target

If I put a band together, I will probably call it My Target Addiction.

Target is one of those places that reminds me of the the local grocery stores of the past. Our relationship with our local Target is not just commercial. I mean sure, the sweatpants I’m currently wearing and the cup my daughter is drinking out of, and the pillow behind my back are all from Target. And yes, Target is where we bought the ONLY sheets that would not slide off our mattress. We buy groceries, clothes, toiletries, housewares, and a lot of other things we need at Target. I’m typing this to you right now, and as I look around at my house I can point to everything we bought at Target.

However, we know the employees at our Target. We talk to them. When Brian and I were first married, on the nights he worked much later than me, I would grab a small cup of tea and walk around Target for about an hour because I didn’t want to head home to an empty house. Target is where I would push a newborn baby around in a stroller when it was raining. Target is where I picked up baby reflux medicine and the kind pharmacist showed us how to use it. Target Optical is where they first diagnosed me with optic nerve swelling, and I got an early diagnosis. Target Clinic is where I go to see my favorite nurse practitioner when I cannot get in to see my doctor.


However, unlike most people I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for anything at Target. A.) I’m cheap and B.) Because at some point Target will have a deal on it.

With these simple tips and tricks you too will know how to spend wisely at Target.

1.) Target RedCard (credit or debit). This allows you to save 5% off of every single purchase made at Target.

2.) Pharmacy Rewards. Sign up for Pharmacy Rewards and have your scripts moved over to Target. Every time you move a new prescription over to Target or you have up to 6 prescriptions filled at Target you get a 5% off your entire purchase coupon.

3.) Download the Target Cartwheel App. This is a FREE app with additional offers to those to download it. There are two ways to use it. You can look through it and add certain offers offers onto your Cartwheel to scan at checkout OR you can scan the items in your cart to see if they currently have a deal. Some items are always on Cartwheel and you can save every time you shop: like milk and cheese.

4.) Clearance Schedule. I know my local Target Clearance and Sale Schedules. I also ask my sales associates or managers when this might change. For example at my Target I know

Monday:Electronics, Kids Clothes, Baby Stuff, Accessories
Tuesday:Women’s Clothes, Pets
Wednesday: Men’s Clothes, Furniture, Health & Beauty
Thursday: Housewares, Shoes, Toys, Sporting Goods, Home Decor
Friday: Auto, Hardware, Jewelry

This means if I have my eye something I wait and see what day of the week it is before I buy it.

5.) Seasonal Cycles. It is good to know seasonal cycles at Target. For example,  right now we are in the midst of what I like to call “ORGANIZE/BULK/HEALTH” time at Target. This means this is the time of year in the seasonal section at Target when organizational items, workout clothes and sporting things, and bulk foods and items are available in the seasonal section. This also means that in a few weeks they are going to want to clear this section out to make room for what I like to call “SPRING INSANITY” stuff, which is all the planters, gardening stuff, outdoor decor and furniture, lawn toys for kids and the like. So to clear it out they will put it all on sale. There is always a rotation so if you have your eye on some hand weights, wait a week or two they might go on sale to make room for some patio furniture.

6.) Shop the end caps first. Some of the best deals I have found on sheets, towels, dishes, cups, table linens, or toss pillows are on the end caps. Especially, when it comes to home decor or housewares. These items typically follow the seasons, and are switched out often. The end caps are where Target puts older sale things to make room newer non sale items.

7.) Goodwill and Target. Did you know that Target will donate things it cannot sell to local Goodwill stores who will sell it at even steeper discounts?

8.) Don’t forget your bags! Target will reward you for bringing your reusable shopping bags by giving you a $.05 discount for every reusable bag used.

9.) Text Coupons. Make sure to ask a sales associate or look on the shelf if there are text coupons available. Sometimes there are signs indicating text coupons for items available that will not exclude Cartwheel or other discounts.

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You Mean I Don’t Need a Coupon at Ross? A GIVEAWAY

While I was compensated for this post, the thoughts and opinions are all my own.
If you have read my blog in the past, you know that I am always happy to get a good deal. Like a great sale, two coupons that do not exclude each other, the stars are aligned just right in the clearance aisle kind of deal. I will shop, scope, and look for the best deal possible. I have always been this way (I learned it from my dear Dad at a very young age). Sure, sometimes I splurge. However, when I know I can wait and get a good deal, why pay full price?That is why when Ross Dress for Less reached out, and asked me to come to their Grand Opening event at their new store on Randolph in Chicago, I thought I should check it out as  I had never been to Ross before (I know I couldn’t believe it either!) I cannot wait to go back!


Ross is like being at the best sale you’ve ever been to, with coupons on steroids! Only its not a sale! Just low prices. As I am an experienced shopper, there were items I would peruse that I would assume I would know how much they were based on brand, material, or how trendy they were, and every time I was wrong. The item was always LESS than I had anticipated it would be!


Photo courtesy of Ross Dress for Less
I am seriously in “Deal Heaven”

I went to Ross looking to round out my Fall/Winter wardrobe, but mostly I was looking for a non-denim jacket(I have a thing about wearing a denim jacket when I’m wearing jeans, I can’t do it) I could wear while running errands or on the soccer field. I found an adorable wool, lined, jacket with belt that I assumed would cost more than I was willing to spend. It was only $19.99! #SOLD


My new jacket even helps me cheer on the little ones better at soccer.

As I continued to make my way through the store, this home decor enthusiast and lover of all things domestic could not pass by the home section without at least a browse, and I noticed there were 5′ x 7′ rugs for as low as $30 and home accessories starting at $4.99.


I worked my way through the kitchen section and found the perfect bundt pan, and purchased it for less $6.99. I baked with it the next day! (Recipe to come.)


Long story short, you need to get to Ross! To help you out Ross is sponsoring a $25 Gift Card Giveaway to get you started! You will be so excited to see how far $25 can go at Ross. To enter, leave a comment telling me how you will spend your $25 at Ross. Also, for two additional entries, follow Home Everyday on Facebook and Twitter.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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A Happy Home and a GIVEAWAY from hhGregg

When I think of a happy home, I think of one that not only contains my most favorite people, but I think of one that functions and has synergy.

When Brian and I lived in our 2 bedroom condo, we loved it because that was our first home and where we brought home our oldest kids, but we always knew that it was a temporary place. It wasn’t long before we were outgrowing that space. When things seemed backwards or when we used our dining room as an office or a bedroom closet as holiday storage, we never really thought too much about it. It wasn’t perfect synergy, but it worked at the time because it was temporary.
When we moved into our current home, it was all about happy function. We wanted to make things our own in the sense we wanted it to be personal to our not only our style but also what worked for us as far as function goes. Using a painted dresser as our command central is a perfect example of our home’s synergy. We like to repurpose old pieces that have meaning and we find beautiful, but these pieces also need to have some serious purpose in our home.
Sure, there is junk in my home, but for the most part everything in my home has a purpose. Whether the purpose is for business or pleasure, I try to strike a balance that creates a happy space.
Some fellow bloggers and I had the pleasure of attending the Happy Home event at my local hhGregg recently, and was so happy to see that I am not the only one striving to strike a balance between functionality and decor in my home. hhGregg is trying to do that as well! From large appliances to furniture, technology to kitchen gadgets hhGregg has everything you need to create the happy home you want.
One area that we are currently looking to improve in our home is our laundry room. Brian and I have been in the process of demoing our sub-basement and know that once that space is finished the laundry room isn’t going to be far behind. Just like a good washer and dryer, hhGregg and Maytag are a perfect pair and helping families follow the latest trends in laundry rooms. Whether you like top loaders or front loaders, or just need to spruce up your laundry room with some storage or drying racks hhGregg are here to help. Just check out some of these amazing laundry spaces on the hhGregg Pinterest page.
Gorgeous right? hhGregg is having a $25 gift card GIVEAWAY for Home Everyday readers to get you started on the journey to a happier home!
To enter, leave a comment telling me about what your favorite space in your home is, and then let me know in the form below that you left a comment. You can also get two additional entries by following my Home Everyday’s Facebook fan page and following me on Twitter.
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Spring is Coming?

Outside, there is no sign of warm weather making its way here. Sure the sun is out, but I’m still not impressed. Cooking on the grill is still near impossible as it is covered by feet of snow, and flip flops are out of the question right now. However, when I head to the store, it is like a small escape from reality.

The aisles are lined with spring clothes, decor, and most of all color! Here are some things that have me thinking Spring.

1. When I start to feel a little blue about the winter, I turn to a glass of Iced Tea. Sometimes, I even treat myself to a glass of Passion Iced Tea from Startbucks. The color says warm weather, and it tastes like spring cannot be that far away can it?


Photo courtesy of Starbucks

2. This entire outfit from Land’s End is perfect! When Spring hits, I’m not quite ready for sleeveless, so the cardigan, cropped pants, and colorful tee are awesome for the weather and offer the right amount of color.


Photo courtesy of Land’s End

3. These Rain Boots are practical for sloshing around in all the melting snow, but are are looking ahead to impending spring in a bright and cheery coral. I’m wondering if I can get a coupon on my Cartwheel for these cute boots at Target.


Photo courtesy of Target

4. It is time to start thinking Veggie Garden, so I’ve been shopping seeds. This year, I’m thinking of trying a few new varieties and colors of vegetables. has an awesome selection and great prices for the beginner gardener.


Photo courtesy of Amazon

5. Springtime means mud, so rather than spend a lot of time cleaning up shoes, we try and spend a lot of time on the driveway. The means one of my favorite activities! SIDEWALK CHALK! Look at all those colors!


Photo courtesy of Staples

6. Spring also means wind! I cannot wait to spend afternoons flying these awesome and colorful kites from Premier Kites.



7. Spring is the time of year that I start scrubbing and cleaning up around here, so I will of course need plenty of cleaning supplies. Next to my Magic Erasers, I love Mrs. Meyers MultiPurpose Cleaner in Honeysuckle Scent.


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Meyers

What are some things that get you thinking Spring?

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10 Little Things that Help This Mom with Preschoolers

When I go to classes at Second City, there are times when I know I am the only person there with a Mom purse filled to the gills with more things for the kids than myself, however, I also know that there are just some things that make life a bit easier living in a house full of preschoolers.

Here is my list of TOP TEN little things that help me survive parenting three little ones.
1. Spill Proof Cups and Water Bottles: A few months ago my son was mortified that I called his water bottle a “sippy cup” as in, “Mom, c’mon, I’m not a baby anymore. It is spill proof!” Apparently, my little one likes to exert independence when it comes to hydration. However, let’s face it, I know grown adults who spill (cough cough me), so we always have spill proof cups and water bottles on hand for both the kids and adults in the house. 

Look at these cute cups from Target!


2. Large Inexpensive Purse or Tote: We are no longer in need of a diaper bag! WOOHOO! However, there are a few things that we need to keep on hand at all times such as water bottles, medications, and some things to keep the kids occupied. Because of this, I have had to upgrade the size of my purse a bit to accommodate what we need while we are out. Instead of investing a lot of money in a fancy purse or tote (sigh, someday I will have a Kate Spade), I found an inexpensive and stylish large bag that I don’t mind carrying around. Since this is a bag that houses sticky medicines and often times snacks and water bottles, I won’t be heartbroken if there happens to be a spill. 

No one will know its from Target or filled with markers and juice boxes .


3. Keyboard Protectors: Life with little ones can be sticky. Literally. Between the jelly, play doh, and new found love of glue, kids just have sticky fingers. I found these keyboard protectors for my laptop, and I love them. Now, when someone climbs on my lap to play, I’m not so worried about jelly on my keys. 

These are a lot cheaper than replacing a laptop.


4. Easy to Make Trail Mix: (or Goldfish Crackers) Snacks at home or away are necessary for growing preschoolers. For this Trail Mix, I mix together Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Craisins, Raisins, Pretzels, and chocolate chips for a little treat to tide the little ones over until our next meal. Also, when this runs out, Goldfish crackers work just as well.
5. Board Games and Decks of Cards: My kids love playing games. It has become one of our favorite family activities. Games are educational, fun, and are an awesome way to foster family time. We keep both regular and travel size games on hand. 

Our current favorite GUESS WHO?


6. Mesh Laundry Bags: These have become a life saver. While my little ones are growing by leaps and bounds every day, their socks are still so teeny tiny and often get caught in the washer. Also, these little bags help keep pairs together. 

These would also be a cheap solution to storing bath toys.


7. Library Card: Most people have a Library Card. However, with all kinds of media so readily at our fingertips, many do not keep their Library Cards up to day. Libraries have amazing toddler and preschool programs, story times, crafts, sing-alongs, and all kinds of activities to keep my little ones happy. The programs are free as long as I tote my Library Card. 


8. Crayola Color Wonder Markers and Paper: My kids love to color and draw, but again, sometimes the mess is more than I can handle. Color Wonder Markers will only color on Color Wonder Paper. I cannot tell you how many messes these avoid! 

Color Wonder? More like Color Miracle!
9. Good Concealer: Having preschoolers is a whole different kind of exhaustion! My kids sleep through the night and gone are the days of middle of the night feedings and diaper changes, but keeping up with these little ones and making sure they aren’t getting into trouble has me sometimes looking a little worse for wear. With a little dab of some consealer under my eyes, I look fresh as a daisy.
My favorite concealer!
10. Anytime TV: Whether it be Netflix, a DVR, and Apple TV, or an old fashioned VCR, having your kids favorite shows accessible is perfect for those moments when it is time for a show, but their favorite show isn’t on at the moment. Sometimes, you just need 30 minutes to get dinner on the table, fold a load of laundry, or hide in the closet and eat a piece of dark chocolate. 

Apple TV


What are your go to items for surviving life with toddlers and preschoolers?

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Tips for Last Minute Gifting Solutions

Here we are! One week away from Christmas Eve? Do you have your shopping finished? It’s ok, me either! I have a few things left to get for the people on my list.

Now that we are in crunch time, and as part of this Holiday Miniseries happening here (check out last week’s crafts here, here, and here). I thought I would share my favorite last minute gift ideas from the internet to help with those last minute gifts.
1. Check out this awesome host, hostess, or colleague gift from Formal Fringe! We all need wine, we all need socks. Ta Da!
2. Manicure/Pedicure Mason Jars would be awesome for all the Tween and Teen gals in your life or even a gal pal. Just put some polish, cotton, a nail file and other supplies in a mason jar. Thanks for the idea Thriving Wives.
3. If baking cookies for neighbors and friends is your thing (as it is mine), check out these festive and gorgeous ways to wrap them up from Better Homes and Gardens.
4. A book. Weather it be an e-book or hard copy, I have never felt like you could go wrong with a good book for a friend. Buy a copy of your latest read and pass it on to someone who would enjoy it. Check out this adorable cookbook wrapped in a dishtowel for the cook in your life from The Kitchn (PS In case you are wondering I really want this cookbook for Christmas this year).
5. For the past few years, I have given this gift to many people, and it is always greatly appreciated. There is nothing more fun than getting a new set of jammies and some tea, hot cocoa, or a gift card to Starbucks for a cozy holiday season. Who doesn’t love jammies and hot beverages?
What are some of your favorite last minute gift ideas this year?
Keep reading this week and next for the Home Everyday Holiday MiniSeries for more ideas on holiday decor, holiday recipes, and last minute gift ideas.Psssst, today is my birthday, check out 33 lessons I’ve learned over at ChicagoNow.

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Tips for Thrifty Shopping at Target: A Rug Story

(I was not paid or perked by Target in anyway, I just enjoy that store that much!)

I love a good deal. I don’t love a good deal enough to shop on Thanksgiving Day or battle crowds the day after. However, I love when the stars align just right, there are coupons and apps, and sales, and you get something you wanted for way way less.

In this case, patience really paid off.

I have been wanting this rug from Target for a good long while. I loved the pattern, I loved the size (7′ x 10′), and most of all I loved the price. I had my eye on it for awhile as the 5′ x 7′ rug in our family room was not big enough for the space.

When I first saw the rug, it was only available in like a tan/beige color.

Then, a few months ago, I noticed the released two other colors, a charcoal gray and a navy blue. I was elated. The charcoal gray and navy blue would be better at hiding messes.

Next, after flipping through the colors a few times trying to make a decision I noticed, that for whatever reason, the gray one was $10 less. That kind of made the decision for me. Charcoal gray is a good neutral, and will look nice with the family room walls I painted in the the spring. TIP #1: See if variations of the item are a different price and decide if it is worth it to you to spend a little less on a different variation of the item.

When I make my trips to Target, I always ask sales associates if there are any additional coupons or sales on items I am looking at. Usually, they are willing to help and find out for you. A few weeks ago, a sales associate told me about Target Cartwheel. Target Cartwheel is an FREE app you can download with additional coupons and savings. Without the asking the sales associate, I probably wouldn’t have known about Cartwheel, and wouldn’t have seen the EXTRA 15% off on Area Rugs that they were running. TIP #2 If a sales associate asks if you need help, always ask if there are any additional savings on an item you are looking for. They might steer you toward, an app, a coupon, or the sales flyer which are things you might not have seen.

Next, I waited a few days until a Friday. I know that at my local Target they switch around sales, and mark clearance items in the Home Department on Fridays (How do I know this? I asked.) I figured I could wait another couple days to see if anything in the home decor department would be on sale or go on clearance. Sure enough, rugs were marked down another 10-15% which I was able to use with my Target Cartwheel coupon. TIP #3: Always ask when departments mark there clearance items or move around stock or put up sales. If you aren’t in a hurry, it is worth it to wait a few days for the extra savings. Also, if they run out of your item when there is a sale going on, you can always get a Rain Check!

Finally, because we have a Target RED card, and area also a party of the pharmacy rewards program there, I had two more discounts of 5% off each. TIP #4: If you have a credit card account with a store, always make sure you see if there are additional rewards or promotions for card holders. Some stores like Home Depot don’t take the percentage off for cardholders unless you ask (so ALWAYS ask), but Target does it automatically for cardholders.

So, between the extra $10 off because of the color(149.99 – 10.00 = 139.99), the Cartwheel coupon of 15% off (139.99 – {139.99 x 15%} = 119.00) , the sale price of 10% off (119.00 – {119.00 x 10%} = 107.10), I also had a 5% off coupon off my entire purchase from the pharmacy rewards (107.10 – {107.10 x 5%} = 101.75), and I have a Red Card which brought the price down another 5% (101.75 – {101.75 x 5%} = 96.67), I got the deal of the century on this rug. I paid less than $100 for a brand new 7′ x 10′ rug.

The kids were thrilled to help me roll it out, and and play, and I am happy I saved a ton of money!

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Autumn Inspiration Feeling Fancy

The air is getting a little crisper. I just pulled out a cardigan to wear today, my boots are on standby and I’m drinking HOT tea for the first time in months.

Autumn is making its way here, and my brain swimming with projects that need to be done, fall decor ideas, and savory recipes perfect for a chilly fall night. Here are some things that I have my eye on for Fall. Everything is so FANCY!

1. Fancy Sweatshirts – Sorry, but there is nothing better wardrobe combination to me than comfort and bling. I love these new adorned sweatshirts from Old Navy. They will be added to my “Mom on the go” wardrobe.

2. Fancy Tea – I have been in love with Mighty Leaf tea since my first taste on my Honeymoon 7 years ago! (Brian and I celebrated 7 years yesterday). My favorite is this Vanilla Bean. It is a great morning alternative to a morning coffee.

3. Fancy Pillows – This time of year there are lots of opportunities to be snuggled up on the couch watching college football. I’ve been in the planning stages of a little addition to our family room, and the inspiration is this pillow from Target. Colorful and comfy is the name of the game.

4. Fancy Doughnuts – I have had my eye on this awesome recipe from King Arthur for a few weeks now, and now that it is sweater weather I think it is time to make some doughnuts!

5. Fancy Totes – This time of year I am in desperate need of tote bags. I need them for trips to the library, toting shin guards and ballet shoes and tennis rackets, carting my homework to and from Second City. Instead of using the same old bags, I think it is time for me to create some unique ones. I have a little inspiration from Hi Sugarplum! and cannot wait to get started on that project too.

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