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Building Built In Storage: Part Two

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been done with the built ins for about two weeks. However, writing about them took longer. 


I will probably keep rearranging these forever. #DIY #honedecorprobs

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I’m not going to lie, this was the more difficult part of the building as there was more measuring and cutting and painting involved. Hence, the longer gap in between posts. I am thrilled with how this project turned out, and happy to say it was worth the wait.


We left off PART 1 at the installation of the countertop on top of the cabinets and painting the wood that was going to be the upper shelving.

Built In Cabinets Phase One 14

I felt that it was easier to paint as much of wood first and then touch up things later because A) I could paint on a flat surface and my arms wouldn’t get sore B) I’m not stinking up the house with paint C) I wouldn’t have to tape up the blue wall I just painted or counter top I had just stained.

For the upper shelving we used 1″ x 12″ common board. and cut a 10′ foot header and 5 -5′ vertical supports. 

Then after we had determined the height of each of our shelves (three not including the counter shelf), we marked on 3 of the vertical supports where those shelves would be and clamped them together. Pro Tip: If you know you will be making the same cuts at the same points on same pieces of wood. Try to clamp them together and do it at the same time to save time, and ensure accuracy.

Built Ins Part 2 - 1


Next, using a multi-tool, Brian notched out a 1″ deep by 2″ width piece into the three center vertical supports. Notching this piece of wood on the back of each of these vertical supports at each of the heights of the shelves served several purposes. 1) It allowed us to screw 3 1″ x  2″ x 10′ rails into the back of the shelves for extra sturdiness. 2) These rails were flush against the vertical supports allowing the shelving unit to be flush against the wall. 3) It gave us another place to secure the shelving unit other than the ceiling for extra support. 4) Having rails that run the length of the back of later installed shelves will help to prevent bowing in the future.

Built Ins Part 2 - 2

Once the vertical supports, header, and rails were ready to go, we brought everything in the house to put together. We screwed the vertical supports from the top of the header at equal intervals allowing us to have 30″ wide shelves.

Built Ins Part 2 - 4

Then we attached the rails.

Built Ins Part 2 - 6

Then we lifted it up on top of the counter. Perfect fit (thank goodness)! Brian screwed the this shelving unit into the ceiling wherever there were studs. and again into the side wall by the window. He also secured a few screws into the rails we had just constructed where ever there was a stud. This baby isn’t going anywhere.

Built Ins Part 2 - 7

In the ceiling of the unit, instead of painting and trying to find cover the heavier duty screws we used to attach the header. With the help of our handy friend, Scott, we cut some pre-finished bead-board to size, and nail gunned that into the the unit.

Built Ins Part 2 - 9

Next, we took the same pieces of 1″ x 2″ and cut them into approximately 11″ pieces to make the side rails for the shelves. Brian then used a nail gun to attach these rails.

Built Ins Part 2 - 8

Using the same 1″ x 12″ common board we cut the shelves to size, slid them into place, and we nailed those in too.

Then, it was crown moulding time. We used pre-finshed moulding to save us another step, because this was where we needed the most instruction. We had no idea what we were doing. We called in reinforcements with the help of our handy friend, Scott and a ASK This Old House Video. We figured out how to cut the moulding for an outside corner using our chop saw. After a few test pieces, we got the hang of it, and using the nail gun, we got it up there. Pro Tip: We did have a slight gap, however white painters caulk can fill any gaps, or nail holes in your finished product.

Built Ins Part 2 - 13

I touched up any paint that needed to be done.

Wiped everything down. 

It took a few days, but I think I have them styled how I want them. 

Built Ins Part 2 - 14


For now.



The Last Slice: An Uncommon Goods Story

This post has been compensated by Uncommon Goods however the opinions and stories are 100% my own.

My Dad had a ridiculous sweet tooth. He loved all sorts of sweet treats and baked goods. Milkshakes, doughnuts, cakes, and cookies. He had a particular fondness of pie.

My Dad who was also a hardworking and genuinely great guy had come home from a long day at the office. Most days after work, Dad would go for a run, do some lawn work, or if it was one of our many sports seasons he would end up having to head right to coach us. I think the physical activity would help him unwind. However, on one particular day, no amount of physical activity was going to help.

Berry Wash 5

There was one day when I was about 10 and we had a gorgeous and fresh blueberry pie in the house.

My Dad had walked in the house and had seen the pie sitting on the counter he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t even change his clothes or exchange pleasantries with anyone. He grabbed a fork and plate with an almost ‘Hello, old friend’ look in his eyes, and helped himself to a slice. My brother, Kevin, and I were looked at each other wide eyed knowing that dinner was soon, and Mom wouldn’t be happy to see a slice of pie missing. It must have been a particularly rough day for Dad at work, though, because he got up from the table again and helped himself to another slice of blueberry pie. He wolfed it down as fast as the first, this time topping it off with a glass of milk. He went to the counter for another slice. Then another. Kevin and I’s eyes widened with every gigantic slice of pie that was eaten. Until, finally, there was only one slice left. Kevin and I looked at the pie plate, then at each other.

We had just witnessed a stress eating session of epic proportions.

We thought he was finished when he had cleared his mess from the table, the only evidence of the insanity was the one slice of pie left in the pie tin.


Dad walked to the counter grabbed the entire pie plate, and dug in with his fork and finished the entire blueberry pie.

I guess he figured there was no sense in leaving just one slice. Looking back, I kind of agree. What’s the point?

When I eat pie, I think of my Dad and that last slice of pie every time, and I always laugh.

For those that read my blog on a regular basis, you know that when it comes to gifts or things in my home I like to surround myself and decorate with things that are sentimental, remind me of something, or possibly have a history, and have a lot of heart. When Uncommon Goods reached out to me and asked me to write about their beautiful line of products I was eager to pair up with a company that is sentimental, personal, and has a lot of heart.

Uncommon Goods supports artists, most of them living right here in the United States by selling handmade items such as home decor, wall art, kitchen and housewares, and even jewelry. Many of the unique items Uncommon Goods sells use recycled or up cycled materials which show their commitment to our planet. Also, as a part of their mission, and this was my favorite part, Uncommon Goods employs all of its workers for a fair wage. In fact, their lowest paid seasonal worker receives 50% more than the local minimum wage. If that doesn’t show heart, I don’t know what does.


Uncommon Goods asked me to browse around their wall art line which you can find here or home decor line which you can find here, or their adorable line of decorative pillows which you can find here.  Then, I was to find something that I liked for our home. Let me tell you, it was not easy as there are so many adorable and beautiful items to choose.

As my list of items to choose got longer, I saw this adorable watercolor entitled The Last Slice by Kendyll Hillegas in the Wall Art section, and I stopped dead in my tracks. Hillegas paints ordinary every day objects, and this ordinary everyday object was perfect.

Uncommon Goods The Last Slice 1

It immediately made me think of my Dad and the blueberry pie story. I knew it would look adorable hanging in my dining room, and it would bring me back to the moment not just when I am eating a slice of pie but every time I sit down in my dining room.

Not only is the watercolor itself so cute and a perfect addition to any kitchen, but I am loving the natural wood tone of the frame.

It arrived perfectly packaged. Safe and sound.

Uncommon Goods The Last Slice 2

And it is hanging for all to admire. I am looking forward to someone asking me about it, so I can not only share where I got such an adorable piece of art, but also share a funny family story.

Uncommon Goods The Last Slice 3

If you would like more information about Uncommon Goods or to shop, visit the website. For news or information about new items follow them Uncommon Goods on Facebook or Twitter.



I’m A zulily Believer

I was compensated for this post by zulily, but the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

There are a few things I feel I have missed the boat on: Breaking Bad, Cronuts, and zulily. I don’t know if it is because I have been so busy carting people to various activities, watching Parks and Rec, or debating if I should paint the kitchen cabinets (again). I just sometimes feel that I am often late to the game on things.

When the awesome people of zulily reached out and asked if I would like to write about zulily, I felt a little more than sheepish admitting I had never even purchased anything from there. However, after one shopping trip, I am a zulily believer!

I cannot stress to you enough the awesomeness of zulily!


Obviously, when going to I made a bee line for the home category, and was astounded at all the adorable, functional, and amazing items they had. Also, the prices couldn’t be beat! From rugs to lamps, furniture to kitchenware, I was sold.


Photo courtesy of

Look at this adorable vintage flour sifter I snagged. My grandma used to have one of these, and they work perfectly, but I hadn’t been able to find one anywhere at a price I liked!


Also, check out the vintage kitchen section. All of the glassware is just begging for a Thirsty Thursday cocktail.


Photo courtesy of

What about this chair? I know I cannot even. This would look great as an accent chair or a dining chair or a desk chair or…


I also loved the art section. I found this cute print, and I cannot take my eyes off of it!


This site has more than housewares though, they have clothes for every member of your family, health and beauty items, shoes, and all kinds of things for baby and kids.

I know I was late to the game on this, but I think I have found a new place to shop!

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Pendant Shade Update: Getting Rid of the Gruesome Threesome

When we moved in this house, one of the best features was the family room. We were happy that not EVERY room needed serious updating. This level of our 1970’s quad level house had just been renovated (thank goodness). All we had to do to this was give it was make it our own, so we painted. So far, sitting area and the bathroom. It has served us well, but there has always been something that has bothered me.

The pendant shades above the bar.


The three different colors of red, brown, and yellow had me wondering if the previous owners of our house has a thing for bodily fluids or if they were just trying to be whimsical.

So, for the past four years I have been searching. Unfortunately, while I liked the idea of something cute and trendy, I knew that it was very possible in about a year I wouldn’t like them. So I wanted to stick with something a bit more neutral, and could stand up when I changed the accent wall behind the bar for the fourth time (yes, I have painted it three times, and this is why I don’t have a tattoo).

I finally found these:


They are clear which helps give off considerably more light than the previous three, they match, and they fit the pendants.

These particular pendant lights are part of a kit whose shades can be changed out by turning off the lights and removing the bulb.


Then, unscrewing a small threaded flange.


This is so much more cost effective and timely than replacing the entire pendant. Pendant sets like this can be found at Home Depot and Loews, and are awesome for situations when you know you might be switching the shades later when tastes or decor change.

The new shades came with their own flanges, so I simply screwed the new flanges with the shades back into the fixture, put the bulbs back in and voila.


Isn’t that so much better that the gruesome threesome?

This DIY project cost me about $11 (each pendant shade was about $12 and I had a $25 Loews gift card and about 30 minutes of time). If only all projects could be this easy.

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A Cozy Little Hideaway: A Master Bedroom Refresh

I have been blogging for a few years now, and there are some things that I have noticed. One of them is, you don’t need to see me hang every picture in my home. So, for those moments when I do a little tweak here, a nip there, a picture hung on a wall, I don’t write about it. However, a bunch of nips and tucks, and pictures hung can completely transform a room.

I was looking through the home tour page of this here blog, and I noticed that my Master Bedroom went from this:


To this:


And none of you knew anything about it. I was feeling terrible that I hadn’t updated any of you on the inner workings or smaller updates  as they were happening after I saw how different everything looked!

Over the course of a year, I have made so many nips and tucks I thought I should share, because apparently NOW there is a WOW factor.

Last Christmas, Brian and I decided it was time to upgrade from a Queen to a King Sized bed. With that came new sheets and bedding and some toss pillows.


Then, because I couldn’t handle the curtains not going anymore, I found some cute ones on way way clearance at Target.


Brian when on a business trip to San Francisco he bought a gorgeous print of the Golden Gate Bridge. So, for our anniversary I had it framed, and then had a few other things printed and framed from all of the places we’ve been together to switch up the artwork in our room and give a little more color to our room.


We are currently in the process of playing musical furniture in the house. The boys needed some more clothing storage so we gave one of our dressers, we took the white one from the living room after I was able to get a writing desk and some new bookshelves in there (reveals to come).


I also added Caroline’s bookshelf to serve as my night stand because she now had more storage in her room with one of the boys’ dressers (and round and round we go).


Brian’s night stand stayed the same… well except for one little addition from his adoring fans.


Finally, I added some other small touches to make it seem relaxing in there like some candles, the books I’m currently reading, and my crochet basket to work on my blanket while I watch TV during naptime (yes, I’m working on a blanket).


So, I’ve learned my lesson. I will not show every picture I hang, but I will try to perhaps show more stages of the process of changes that happen around here.


Now, to take a snooze in my cozy little hideaway.

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Fall Decor: Better Late Than Never

It’s Fall Ya’ll, and about time I got my act together with some seasonal decor don’t you think? Sure, I have some Halloween decorations, but mostly I like to put up Autumnal decorations that can last through Thanksgiving. So, it’s ok that I didn’t put up anything until last week. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

Rather than trying to rush through each holiday and looking forward to the next, I have found myself enjoying the process much more this way too. We took our time putting out decorations, putting the summer stuff away, and I feel like we are living more in the present this way. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

My favorite space so far is the dining room. 


When I started to take everything out, I thought, “What is with all the pumpkins?” Apparently, I have a pumpkin problem. Rather than scatter them all over the house, I thought it would be nice to put them all together in one space to create kind of a centerpiece.  (My mom has since baked us some cookies to fill the pumpkin jars, thanks Mom.) 

The wreath is something I have had forever, but decided to hang with some leftover burlap to dress up the window.


In the living room, I created a couple little Fall inspired vignettes. 


The rest of the house I have kept pretty much the same, as the kids love the candles on the mantle, and the curtain sillouettes in the window I made last year.

And let’s not forget the best part of putting Autumn decor up, I finally got some new slipcovers for the living room couches, and a few new pillows. Which means our house is ready for lounging now that the weather is getting chilly.


Now, I can relax for a few weeks before I even have to think about Christmas, right? That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself, anyway.


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Venturing into the Sub Basement: Planning a Man Cave for My Man

We are in the very beginning stages of thinking of what to do with our sub basement. That’s right! I bet you didn’t know that we had a sub-basement.


It is because, since we have moved into this house, it literally has been our dirty little secret. When we moved in, the previous owners had divided up this space into bedrooms. However, we started tearing down walls in the hopes of creating another living space or perhaps office space for me and Brian.


Upon tearing down walls, we found one of the most awful things you can find in an older home: 



Obviously, rather than do the pretty upgrades and make a cool space, we had professional mold remediation done immediately before moving in. That pretty much sucked up any money we had to do anything cosmetically to the space. So, it has sat empty with a concrete floor and partially demo’d for the past few years while we figured out what to do.


Now, that the trauma is over time has passed we are starting to figure out what we want to do down there again, and we are kind of toying with the idea of an adult space. Maybe even a Man Cave.
Brian has never been one to actually ask for such a space. He deserves it though, and if I could do this for him I definitely would in a heartbeat. I know a lot of men work hard for their families, but I was thinking about my man, and he really loves his job. He works trying to make technology better for school districts every single day. He wants kids, teachers, and administrators to have a better and easier time with technology. He hopes they can have the best possible equipment they can afford and to use it in a way that will better the educational experience. When he isn’t working his day job, he is helping other schools in need by consulting or helping on committees to make them better too. He knows his own kids are blessed, and wants other kids to have the same opportunities too.
This year he coached soccer for both boys, meaning some Saturdays he was running form one game to the other. He dubbed himself the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), and was the loudest cheerer for Kindergarten and First Grade soccer teams. He came home with a scratchy voice almost every Saturday. He volunteers in our church, and despite the fact he is a Green Bay fan spends a fair amount of time helping with laundry, cutting the lawn, and helping me with my little (ok sometimes big) projects. 

And he’s handsome too!


If you walk into any room in the house you’ll see it definitely has the Erin Thumbprint, so I was thinking of things that would be awesome to incorporate into the new room that would make it seem more Brian.Man Crates Gifts for Men the very manly gift baskets you have to open with a crow bar, recently reached out, and wanted to know what I would include in a space for Brian. Man Crates is trying to class up the traditional Man Cave, and thank goodness! I am so over the futons!!

Since it has been on my mind lately, I thought I would make up a mood board.


Brian's Man Cave


Brian’s Man Cave by erin-debruin-skibinski featuring graphic wall art

First up, practicality is huge for Brian, so the space would need to have all the things that Brian would use.
Desk: A nice industrial spirited desk for him to work from home. The sub basement has a closet for him to store all of his tech gear, but the desk would give him a place to spread out and work in peace (or with some hockey on in the background.)
A treadmill: This is something Brian has been toying with for awhile, and it would be great for him to have a place to when we have brutally cold winters.
Couch, Chairs, Rustic Coffee table, and TV: These things are where he can escape and watch the Packers, Blackhawks, or his favorite funny movies with the kids or when his friends come over.  The extra large coffee table is great too for all the times he likes to play cards or board games.
The outlets with USB portals: These are perfect when his friends want to plug in their phones and check in on their fantasy teams.
A Mini Fridge: This is great for all the cold beverages he want to have on hand for after a workout or while watching a game.
I chose a green and yellow color scheme with the rug and chairs as a nod to his beloved Green Bay, and left everything extremely rustic as he loves doing wood work. I’m thinking we could even make the desk and coffee table ourselves. As for decor, I thought it might be fun to find some vintage movie posters or even put up his Vince Lombardi poster.
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ChicagonistaLIVE and Floor & Decor: Great Design and Conversation

I have been compensated for this post, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining the women of ChicagonistaLIVE as they broadcasted live from Floor and Decor in Skokie. There is nothing more wonderful for me than when you combine home decor and good conversation so I was thrilled to be a part of this experience.

Floor and Decor was not only filled with every kind of flooring option possible, but also has everything you need for tiling your bathroom, shower, kitchen backsplashes, mudrooms, stones for outdoor spaces and fireplaces, laminate, and hardwood, but also Floor and Decor also has everything you would need to install it. From the saws to thinset, backer board to waterproofing materials, Floor and Decor has everything. Well, almost everything. For running water, I’d have to head back home.


Thanks to Maria Ramos of A Savings Wow for taking this photo.

Everything that Floor and Decor has can be overwhelming, but that is why there are designers on staff to help you with every decision that needs to be made as well as help you find the materials that will fit your lifestyle and budget. We were able to take a tour of the the store with the designer, who taught us a great deal about design and installation, and perhaps gave me a little confidence to try a backsplash on my own (don’t worry Brian, I won’t do it just yet).


Also, my favorite part of the day was when the wonderful women of ChicagonistaLive allowed me to be a guest on their show and ask for some advice. I was looking for a way to incorporate marble tile into a kitchen or bath without breaking the bank, and Floor and Decor had just the right solution. Long story short: less is more.


I was so excited to be a part of this experience, and hoping that I will be able to do it again in the near future! For more information about ChicagonistaLIVE LIKE them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. To learn more about Floor and Decor LIKE them on Facebook or follow them Twitter.


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Ease and Comfort in Your Home with ChicagonistaLive & Floor and Decor

I have been compensated for this post, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

When you think of the word HOME, what are some words that come to mind? Some people might prefer a cozy and warm space, where others prefer one that is light and airy. Home might convey a place of serenity or for others might be a place of productivity. For all of us, home is different, but I would be willing to bet that we can all agree that that two words we all want to associate with our home are ease and comfort.

From top to bottom, every part of our home should be easy to take care of and make us comfortable. That is why I am so excited to be working with Chicagonista Live and Floor and Decor in Skokie to talk one of the most essential parts but often overlooked parts of our home: our floors.


On Tuesday, September 16 from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm CST you will be able to watch the wonderful and savvy women of Chicagonista Live discuss all things flooring at the new Floor and Decor opening in Skokie, IL! If you want to chat with them or me who will be touring the new Skokie store (and gazing longingly at the rectangular Teak Stone Gray porcelain tile or array of hardwoods), you can join us on Twitter using the hashtag #ChicagonistaLIVE.

Let’s face it, floors are where it’s at when it comes to establish both ease and comfort in any home, and Floor and Decor has every kind of flooring option to help. With 4 Chicagoland locations and the lowest prices in flooring (we are talking no middle man), it is easy to consider Floor and Decor if you’re in the market for new flooring. You can look at stones like travertine and marble, hardwoods, laminates, vinyls, porcelains, ceramics, and even decorative tiles (travertine, people!).

Like many homes, ours is a busy place with so many high traffic areas. I have found over the years that maintaining a clean home is as much about maintaining my sanity as it is about about anything else, and it starts with the flooring. However, I also want our floors to be comfortable for our little ones. Kids want a place they can run in bare feet and play.


I am so excited about heading to Floor and Decor to talk flooring with Chicagonista Live and get some advice about different types of flooring options for different areas of our home. As you know, we did a great deal of work to our home when we moved in, and we are always looking to upgrade when we can. A few projects on our “to do list” are to finish our basement and to replace the flooring in our kitchen to make it a little easier to clean and a little more inviting. I cannot wait to see what Floor and Decor suggests!

Do you have any flooring dilemmas? What about any flooring suggestions? Visit on Tuesday, September 16, from 2:00 until 3:00 p.m. CST to learn about ways to add ease and comfort to your home, and you might even see me!

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A Happy Home and a GIVEAWAY from hhGregg

When I think of a happy home, I think of one that not only contains my most favorite people, but I think of one that functions and has synergy.

When Brian and I lived in our 2 bedroom condo, we loved it because that was our first home and where we brought home our oldest kids, but we always knew that it was a temporary place. It wasn’t long before we were outgrowing that space. When things seemed backwards or when we used our dining room as an office or a bedroom closet as holiday storage, we never really thought too much about it. It wasn’t perfect synergy, but it worked at the time because it was temporary.
When we moved into our current home, it was all about happy function. We wanted to make things our own in the sense we wanted it to be personal to our not only our style but also what worked for us as far as function goes. Using a painted dresser as our command central is a perfect example of our home’s synergy. We like to repurpose old pieces that have meaning and we find beautiful, but these pieces also need to have some serious purpose in our home.
Sure, there is junk in my home, but for the most part everything in my home has a purpose. Whether the purpose is for business or pleasure, I try to strike a balance that creates a happy space.
Some fellow bloggers and I had the pleasure of attending the Happy Home event at my local hhGregg recently, and was so happy to see that I am not the only one striving to strike a balance between functionality and decor in my home. hhGregg is trying to do that as well! From large appliances to furniture, technology to kitchen gadgets hhGregg has everything you need to create the happy home you want.
One area that we are currently looking to improve in our home is our laundry room. Brian and I have been in the process of demoing our sub-basement and know that once that space is finished the laundry room isn’t going to be far behind. Just like a good washer and dryer, hhGregg and Maytag are a perfect pair and helping families follow the latest trends in laundry rooms. Whether you like top loaders or front loaders, or just need to spruce up your laundry room with some storage or drying racks hhGregg are here to help. Just check out some of these amazing laundry spaces on the hhGregg Pinterest page.
Gorgeous right? hhGregg is having a $25 gift card GIVEAWAY for Home Everyday readers to get you started on the journey to a happier home!
To enter, leave a comment telling me about what your favorite space in your home is, and then let me know in the form below that you left a comment. You can also get two additional entries by following my Home Everyday’s Facebook fan page and following me on Twitter.
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