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DIY Glitter Converse All Stars or There’s No Place Like Home

When it comes to my wardrobe there are a few staples for which I always rely. A-line dresses, statement necklaces, a good pair of jeans, brightly colored pants, a few nice blouses, cardigans, and Converse All Stars. I know it seems weird that with my preppy style, I love these shoes so much, but I will find any excuse to wear them. Even a fancy occasion. Like performing in front of hundreds of people.


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Rago

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of participating in Listen to Your Mother Chicago for the second time (Squeee! Videos will be released soon). This year a portion of the show’s proceeds were given to the Red Pump Project, and while the cast wasn’t required to wear red shoes, I love a theme.

Also, I love crafts.


And glitter.


And I wanted to make a pair for my stage partner, Samantha Schultz.


Photo courtesy of Balee Images

Also, fellow cast mate (and comedian) David Slattery loves All Stars as much as me.


Photo courtesy of Balee Images

However, when you have some butterflies about a performance I find it best to do what makes you comfortable or at home. And nothing says home to me like a good pair of Chuck Taylors on my feet and friends and family by my side.

I have since worn my glittery shoes out and about, and people have asked how they can make their own. Luckily, I took a few pictures on my iPhone of the process.

Converse All Stars
fabric glue
paint brush
spray clear glaze (I used Dresden gloss I found at JoAnn Fabric)
trash bags


First, protect the area in which you will be working. I used trash bags. Also, remove the shoe laces from the shoes.


Using a small paint brush and working in small areas of the shoe, paint glue on the shoe. Then carefully sprinkle glitter on the shoe where you applied paint.


NOTE: I used a paint brush to spread the glue evenly onto the fabric and to also keep the glue exactly where I wanted it avoiding rubber sides and souls, and metal lace holes. I only did the sides of the shoes, and avoided the tongue as I thought the rubbing of laces would eventually rub the glitter off.

Once I covered the areas I wanted with glitter, making sure to fill any areas that were missing. I let the shoes dry for about 12 hours.

Next, I put plastic bags in the shoes, and took them outside. I also put the All Stars on a brown paper bag. This made them ready for spraying the glaze. This helps to minimize the amount of glitter falls of the shoes.


I sprayed three coats of glaze on the shoes waiting about 30 minutes between coats, and letting the shoes dry outside.

NOTE: It is extremely important to do this step outdoors as the glaze is extremely toxic.

I re-laced the shoes and they were ready for show day.


Here are some photos from the big day, so you can see how they turned out.


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Rago
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Rago

So, I am pretty sure that this is what I am going to do to all my Converse now.

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