When It’s Gone, It’s Gone: Scott Naturals Tube Free Toilet Paper

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I used to think the most used room in the house was the kitchen. Now, I would say it is the bathroom. As the kids get older want more independence regarding their own self care and maintenance, the morning routines are getting longer. Teeth brushed, faces washed, and combing hair is taking up more of the morning.

With school starting soon, and all of us needing to get out of the house in a jiffy, we don’t have time for extra steps. Scott 4

I know with all of us trying to get into the bathroom at the same, it might be a good idea to help make some basic bathroom tasks a bit simpler, quicker, and more user friendly for small people.  Which is why I organized with some items I snagged at Target. I organized their tooth care items in a small drawer using a desk organizer, added this handy under cabinet drawer set for hair care items and extra hand soaps, and moved the washcloths and towels to a place that was easier for them to reach.

Scott 9

Finally, I have decided to use Scott Naturals Tube Free Toilet Paper.

Scott 8

I was able to find it at Target with everything else on my list.

Scott 7

Not only has Scott created the perfect roll of toilet tissue that eliminates the need for extra waste (who doesn’t want to be kinder to our planet?), but Scott has also eliminated an entire step of having to get rid of the cardboard tube on the roll after each use, which makes my little ones lives a little easier. You can see how there is nothing left in the video below!

When it’s gone, it’s gone! #ScottTubeFree #ad @Target

A video posted by Erin Skibinski (@eskibs) on

No paper tube, no extra waste, and no extra steps. When it’s gone, it’s gone. And let me tell you with three little ones, it is often gone.

Scott 10

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What are some quick bathroom organization tricks you have for getting ready for the school year? What ways will you streamline your morning routine? If you’re looking for ways to make things easier and save some money too, don’t forget about THIS GREAT OFFER from Scott Naturals Tube Free Toilet Paper.





ChicagonistaLIVE and Floor & Decor: Great Design and Conversation

I have been compensated for this post, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining the women of ChicagonistaLIVE as they broadcasted live from Floor and Decor in Skokie. There is nothing more wonderful for me than when you combine home decor and good conversation so I was thrilled to be a part of this experience.

Floor and Decor was not only filled with every kind of flooring option possible, but also has everything you need for tiling your bathroom, shower, kitchen backsplashes, mudrooms, stones for outdoor spaces and fireplaces, laminate, and hardwood, but also Floor and Decor also has everything you would need to install it. From the saws to thinset, backer board to waterproofing materials, Floor and Decor has everything. Well, almost everything. For running water, I’d have to head back home.


Thanks to Maria Ramos of A Savings Wow for taking this photo.

Everything that Floor and Decor has can be overwhelming, but that is why there are designers on staff to help you with every decision that needs to be made as well as help you find the materials that will fit your lifestyle and budget. We were able to take a tour of the the store with the designer, who taught us a great deal about design and installation, and perhaps gave me a little confidence to try a backsplash on my own (don’t worry Brian, I won’t do it just yet).


Also, my favorite part of the day was when the wonderful women of ChicagonistaLive allowed me to be a guest on their show and ask for some advice. I was looking for a way to incorporate marble tile into a kitchen or bath without breaking the bank, and Floor and Decor had just the right solution. Long story short: less is more.


I was so excited to be a part of this experience, and hoping that I will be able to do it again in the near future! For more information about ChicagonistaLIVE LIKE them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. To learn more about Floor and Decor LIKE them on Facebook or follow them Twitter.


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Finally: Upstairs Bathroom

A few weeks ago, after painting stripes in the downstairs bathroom, I thought since everything is already out I would paint the upstairs bathroom as well. We had lots of paint leftover from the downstairs bathroom (Behr Barnished Clay in Satin and Behr Perfect Taupe in Satin) we thought it would be nice to give the upstairs bathroom a little spruce up.

Let’s get to the pictures shall we?
The Before:
The After:
I painted most of the walls Barnished Clay. Here is a picture against something white for you to see the actual color.


Here is the artwork I created.


I painted the walls surrounding the sink Behr’s Perfect Taupe for a bit of contrast.

Almost There: Bathroom Art and FREE PRINTABLES

I finished painting the upstairs bathroom over a week ago, but there have been a few other things that I wanted to do before showing the finished product. One of the things I wanted to do was add a little bit of art. There are lots of blank walls in this space, and with the new neutral wall color, I wanted to add some fun color and a bit of texture.

I created these.


I scoured the internet and Pinterest looking for ideas. I saw a few things I liked, but nothing that I loved. Also, I decided to create a few things of my own using PicMonkey (which I’m sharing with you today).
I first found some 8 x 10 frames at Target (on sale of course). I thought it might be fun to incorporate something personal and fun. I was happy when I found a great link for free chevron printables. This is one of my favorite patterns. I couldn’t decide on just one color, so I decided to do four. I printed them out on card stock. I had to trim them slightly to fit into the frames.
Then, I found these cute free printables at Hollywould Blog. I liked that they were simple. The Lather, Rinse, Repeat is my favorite. I also printed these on cardstock. I trimmed them and then using some scrapbooking double stick tape centered them and attached them to two of the chevron sheets of paper. They were then ready to be framed.


Finally, I had some trouble finding any other bathroom printables I liked so I decided make my own. (If you would like to download these for yourself, click the caption)


I printed, trimmed, and attached, and was amazed at what I was able to do in PicMonkey. I think they came out pretty cute.


This might just be one of my favorite art projects. It was easy, fun, and only cost me the price of the frames.
Thank you to my wonderful husband, Brian, for helping me figure out how to use Google Drive 🙂

Goodbye Green: Another Bathroom Update

When I start a painting project, I typically like to paint a bunch of other things in the house too since all of the stuff is out. Since I just painted some stripes in the downstairs bathroom, I decided I could do a little facelift in the upstairs bathroom too.

The upstairs bathroom had a floral border and faux finish when we moved in along with a bunch of other dated things. We did a small upgrade back then with a new toilet, some new tile, painting the vanity, and removing the faux finish and floral border. You can read about the updates we have made so far here.


However, I never really liked the color we painted it. I love green, but this was too saturated, and seemed to suck out a lot of the natural light we had in the bathroom. Also, it was too olivey, and made the bathroom seem a little dingy. I would have repainted it sooner, but there was so much else going on in the house at the time (furnace replacement, painting kitchen cabinets, painting every room in the house, new flooring, new trim, new doors, tearing down sub basement, mold removal, tuck pointing, etc.) that I finished painting and moved on. There was just too much else to do, and we really wanted to move into our first house.

After painting the downstairs bath, I could not believe the change it made and decided to paint the upstairs bath too. Since everything was out, Brian agreed it was the way to go. He too liked the change downstairs, and thought upstairs could use a little sprucing.  Also, I could sand a little more and try and remove any remnants of faux finish that were still a little visible.

In the coming days, I will have a reveal for you. So far, the bathroom is so much brighter. Stay tuned!

Anyone else out there have paint on their favorite yoga pants and in their hair? No? Just me?

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Stripes: Bathroom Reveal

On Tuesday,  I told you I started striping the bathroom. Well, I think I have a problem. Now that I am finished, and it is functional again, I am already thinking of other places I can paint stripes. So far… it is everywhere. I know I cannot/should not do that, but the technique was so easy and it created such an awesome effect. Let’s get to the pictures shall we?








I also repainted the trim in Behr’s ultra white in semi-gloss since the previous paint job wasn’t so good. Now everything looks crisp and clean.


As I said on Monday, I used these directions for measuring and painting from Skinny Boppy’s tutorial which can be found here. She took a lot of the guesswork out of painting the stripes.

I first, patched up any holes left behind from the water damage we had. Then I sanded any uneven parts, and painted the entire bathroom a base coat of Behr’s Barnished Clay in satin (I typically love flat paint with glossy trim, but in the bathroom is just makes sense to use satin). I actually did two coats of this color to help fully cover the peachy tan that was in the bathroom before.


Once I was sure that was dry, I began measuring. When you paint stripes, you want to keep cutting in again at a minimum. Therefore your bottom stripe and top stripe should be your base coat color. In order to make sure this happens, I measured from where the top of the wall meets the ceiling to the top of the baseboards. Then, I took that measurement and divided by an ODD number. Most people when painting stripes divide by seven, but that is typically for a larger room. This bathroom is so small that stripes that wide I thought would be a bit much, so I divided by nine. For example: 83″/9 = 9.222222 inches. That is not an even number of inches, but I started from the top of wall and measured 9″ from the ceiling and using a laser level I began taping. Then I repeated the process for each stripe measuring 9″ from the previous stripe. This causes the bottom stripe to be a little larger than the other, but it is barely noticeable with the toilet, vanity, shower,  and door in the way. When taping I also made sure that I noted which stripes would be the base color and which stripes would be the darker color. This helped me determine in which side of the level line I would put the tape. You always put the tape on the BASE COAT side of the stripe. Also, I put tiny pieces of tape on the base color stripes to remind me not to paint there.


After everything was all taped up, I cut in around windows, doors, shower, and corners, and then rolled on on the stripes with Behr’s Perfect Taupe also in satin. Finally, I carefully peeled the painter’s tape right away (while the paint is still a little wet) to get a perfectly clean line.


TA DA! I love it! Now to convince Brian we need stripes in the family room.


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Not as Hard as I Thought: Painting Stripes

Over the summer, we noticed that some of the paint around the shower in our downstairs bathroom was starting to peel and bubble off the wall like this:



After talking to some bathroom experts, they advised us to re-caulk everything in the shower to prevent water seeping onto the drywall. We hired a professional to come and make sure that every corner of the shower was water tight. After a few weeks of making sure there were no more leaks, I decided to re-paint the bathroom.

This room was left pretty much untouched out of necessity. It was the only working bathroom in the house when we moved in, as the upstairs bathroom was getting a few facelift type upgrades (you can check that out here). Now that I have the time to paint (sort of) and we have another bathroom we can use while I work on this one, I thought I would patch up that nasty drywall and give it a fresh coat of something new.


The room is so so small, however it gets a great deal of sunlight from the window, so I wanted to do something light and soft. I also wanted to take into consideration the fact that Brian and I have been mulling around painting the nearby family room in the next few months and we like rooms to kind of flow. After seeing these beautiful pictures from my favorite blog Young House Love (I actually got to meet these creative geniuses in November, you can check that out here), I thought I would try some horizontal striping in our small bathroom too.

Brian and I made the trip to Home Depot and picked out the two perfect shades of soft gray. The base color for the room is Behr’s Barnished Clay in satin and the darker stripe is Behr’s Perfect Taupe also in satin. The paint expert at Home Depot said the satin finish is perfect for bathrooms for easy clean-up.

This is what it is looking like so far:


Brian and I think it has turned out better than we could have imagined. This technique is pretty easy and I used time saving tips for lazy people on striping from this Skinny Boppy for help (anything that caters to lazy people is up my alley). We are already thinking of other places to incorporate this easy technique. I still have to do the other walls, and as you can see I still have paint supplies all over the bathroom, but I couldn’t wait to share the progress. Hopefully, I can have a finished room to show at the end of the week. In the meantime it is time to put the paint clothes back on and finish up the stripes.




Flashback Friday: Bathroom Spruce Up

Welcome to the second installment of Friday Flashback. The first Friday Flashback was last week where I talked about our kitchen progress.

This is our upstairs bathroom. Just like last week, this is a primo example of where some paint and a few small changes can make a big difference. So in true HGTV fashion you will see a quick before and after transformation.

We will begin with dark floral border and sponge paint.


Gold mirror, beige painted vanity, and dated hardware.
Old almond toilet, and white tile with yellow triangle pattern.
And this…
First, Brian ripped up all the tile, and we had some help with installing some leftover porcelain tile that the previous owner had leftover from the downstairs bathroom remodel (we only had to get thin set and grout).



Then, on another late night, my mom and I scored and steamed the border and removed it. Sanded down the drywall to remove the sponge paint finish and repainted the bathroom a pale green.


Brian removed the almond toilet, and with a little research and the help of his brother installed a new Kohler toilet in white.
Next, I sanded, primed and painted the vanity in black semi gloss and added brushed nickel hardware and a matching black mirror to freshen it up.
Then we added a few finishing touches.
Like some extra storage with this great cabinet from Target.
And this adorable Amy Butler shower curtain I got a Bed Bath and Beyond on clearance and with a 20% off coupon (Ca-ching).

Finally, a nice new shower head.

So there you have it. Our upstairs bathroom spruce up. Thank goodness for paint and clearance shower curtains!