Here’s to 2017 and No More Rules

I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. When I did, New Year’s Resolutions honestly gave me more stress than actually helping me accomplish anything.

Resolutions to me feel like rules.

Lose weight. Read more. Save money. Get organized. Work more. Work less. Drink water. Less sugar. Write letters. Pray more. Write more. Watch less TV. Do this. Do that.

All of these pressures made me feel like I was back in Catholic School trying to remember the uniform code. Longer skirts. Tucked in shirts. Socks pulled up. No earrings. No makeup. No patch pockets. No gym shoes. I don’t need to put more pressure on myself to follow a laundry list of rules as if there is some sort of “New Year’s Nun” who is marking my accomplishments and failures somewhere.

I am all about efficiency. Which is why this whole word of the year thing has grabbed my attention. I like the idea of focussing on one word in every area of my life, and this way I’m not distracted, I stay focussed, and I feel more accomplished at the end of the year. ONE WORD is way more efficient than a bunch of rules.

I also feel that focussing on one word is a much more positive way to approach the year than with being constantly worried that I am not living up to a list of long expectations each and every day. Even if I apply living out my word in only one area of my life each day, at least I accomplished something.

So, now, I bet you’re wondering what The Word is. 


The past year was kind of a whirlwind for me, and while my family and I are blessed with many opportunities to remain busy, it is time to strike some balance amongst this chaos. I specifically chose this word, because I can apply it to every area of my life. Whether it applying it to my health…

…or striking a good balance amongst all my other goals. It is time to find some balance so not only am I more physically and emotionally healthy, but also the people I love most are taken care of too.

Happy 2017, readers! I hope you find some BALANCE too.


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