Thirsty Thursday: Water with Refresh2Go

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I know that water doesn’t offer the same amount of excitement that you are used to for a Thirsty Thursday. Typically, you are used to fun mixed cocktails, blended smoothies, hot concoctions, or some fun facts about a great beverage. However, the only time we talked about water for a Thirsty Thursday, I infused a bunch of stuff into that as well, and we have never just talked water which is the most consumed beverage in the world. 

The health benefits to drinking water are enumerable. Besides being good for maintaining good daily brain, muscle, and digestive functions, water is great for your skin, can help promote weight loss, prevents fatigue, boosts immunity, and can actually keep you more focussed. 
Drinking enough water is a habit I picked up in college when I was training for a marathon. Since then, I have maintained the healthy habit, and have passed it down to my kids. They are forever carrying water bottles, and I can always be found with this:

Yes, the laptop, but more importantly, it’s my water cup. It pretty much comes with me everywhere. You know how there are people who constantly are looking for their phone? I am the girl that is constantly looking for her water cup. My kids will tell you that I say, “Can someone grab my water cup and bring it down/up/inside/outside/from the car/when you pass by please?” I bought it many years ago, and what drew me to it immediately was the straw.
When I was pregnant with my oldest, I was put on bed rest for close to a month. I was specifically requested to lie on my left side, all day. Getting up only to use the bathroom. That’s it. In that time, I fell in love with straws because it was so much easier to lie down and drink out of a straw while watching hours of TV, and reading entire books in one day. Since then, I haven’t turned back. Straws only, please.
That is why when I met Lyndsay Palkon of Refresh2Go at the Sassy Moms in the City Blog event in September, I was immediately drawn to her amazing straws. 

Lyndsay created Refresh2Go straws (and later water bottles which have been great for my kids) as a way to have  clean, good tasting, filtered water wherever you go. Refresh2Go reusable straws contain a filter. As someone who has grown attached to my water cup, I was elated about just having to switch out my straw. 
I was also happy that I could fill up my water cup anywhere and have filtered water. Whether it be running errands, at soccer practice, ballet, volunteering at school, heading out to an event, or filling up out of the tap at home, the water is always clean and tastes great. Refresh2Go straws also give me the added bonus of not having to pay for bottled water or having to create tons of waste. (Did I mention I still get to use my same water cup?)
As you can see, I am not the only fan of Refresh2Go. These are a great option for when you know kids will be filling up water bottles when they aren’t at home. You know they will happily be drinking more because no matter where they fill up, the water will taste good. 

As I am working on getting some things done on my holiday to do list, I have already planned on buying some straws for the teachers. 
For more information about Refresh2Go check out the website, follow them on Facebook, or Twitter, or look at their video below.

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