Thirsty Thursday: Peachberry Smoothies

It’s that time of the week again. The most wonderful time of the week if you ask me! THIRSTY THURSDAY!


I have been on a smoothie kick lately. In the summer, it just seems so much easier to throw a bunch of fresh fruit and ice in a blender and head out the door to enjoy the gorgeous weather.
I came up with this smoothie when I saw all the beautiful peaches and raspberries that are currently in season.
Peachberry Smoothie
2 large peaches diced into small chunks
1 cup fresh raspberries
1 cup vanilla almond milk
In a blender add peaches, raspberries and almond milk until smooth. Then, add ice and blend until desired consistency (about 1 minute). Put in your favorite glass and enjoy.
(NOTE: If this smoothie is a little tart you can add some stevia or a tsp of sugar to sweeten.)
This has served as an tasty and healthy breakfast for me as I cart everyone around to various camps, after a long run, or while I am getting some work done. It is like summertime in a glass.
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