Privacy Please: Frosted Windows

Here is the deal. Sometimes, I don’t want to answer the door for solicitors. I know, its mean. However, hear me out. Sometimes, they just catch me at a bad time. As in, I’m still in my PJ’s, the kids are still in their PJ’s, I’m trying to make lunch, someone spills apple juice, the phone is ringing… oh and did I mention I’m still in my PJ’s? There are just times when it isn’t possible.

Even though all this is happening, and I cannot get to the door, there is still a straight shot visual to the kitchen from the front door because of these windows.
Basically, even if I want to hide or take a peek in the peep hole the solicitor sees me (still in my PJ’s) and I feel obligated to answer the door, engage in the few minute conversation, and lie about my political affiliation as to not disappoint and send this person on his/her merry way.Brian really wants me to put up a no soliciting sign, but I don’t want to miss out on Girl Scout cookies.

That’s when I decided to “frost” the windows. I did this in the upstairs bathroom for privacy and I still had some of the materials left over to do these windows. I used Gila Privacy Control Frosted Paper with the Gila application kit. The whole job took about twenty five minutes and another thirty minutes of dry time. (apologies for the photos the lighting was weird shooting right into the window and I took pictures with one hand while doing this with the other).
First, I cleaned the windows and dried them thoroughly.
Next, I cut the window film to size (actually a little bigger for a perfect fit). This way I could trim off excess. 


Then I removed the backing to the window film. 

I thoroughly sprayed both the window and the sticky side of the film with the solution that comes in the application kit.


I, then, applied the film, and used the squeegee like tool to work out any air bubbles. In the corners, there seemed to be a build up of the solution so I would gently pull back a corner, dab the with some paper towel to remove excess solution and then smooth out again with the squeegee tool.



I did this to all three window panes, and then let them sit for about 30 minutes before trimming the excess film with the cutting tool provided. 


Hooray! Now, I can stay in my jammies forever! 



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  1. Definitely a great idea! So funny how you'd lie about your political affiliation to not disappoint them! I'd probably do the same thing but I don't hestitate to tell ATT I don't want U-verse the 6th time they've come around!

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