Best Pals, Cars 2, and Pancakes: It doesn’t get much better.

Last week, my best friend from college, Sara, came to visit. She has lived on the east coast, the midwest, and currently lives on the west coast. She is finishing her doctorate, but she makes time once a year to come to visit me and my family.


Sara and I actually went to do different schools in Cleveland (C-Town WOOT!), but met through mutual friends. We became friends during tumultuous time for both of us. We have managed to stay friends all these years despite graduate schools, moves, marriage, children, and the pressures of every day life.

Here is my favorite picture of us from our college days. We got dolled up for a Valentine’s Day party hosted by my¬†sorority.


Amazingly, we have both grown into pretty successful, mature, and if I do say so myself awesome young ladies (you’d never guess, but the picture below was taken by a four year old).


She usually comes bearing gifts for the kids. However, little did she know the gifts she brought this time would be awesome for me as well. Sara knows how much I love to cook and bake, and how I also love to do those activities with my kids. She gave us some cool new tools to do this together.

Sara knows how much my kids LOVE Cars and Cars 2. So, she found Cars 2 cookie cutters and pancake molds at Williams and Sonoma. So, as you can imagine we started cooking and baking almost immediately.


With the pancake molds, the Williams and Sonoma recipe for buttermilk pancakes was included. The next morning we (me and a few helpers) whipped them up.
One VERY important tip, when, using pancake molds, make sure you definitely use a squirt bottle for pouring the batter into the molds. I used a ladle and I ended up with some messy looking pancakes (hence, no pictures of the finished product). Next time, I will make sure I have a squirt bottle.
The kids (and Sara), however, had no complaints. Even if the pancakes didn’t come out perfectly.



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