Root Beer With Me: Easy BBQ Pulled Pork

Before we talk about BBQ, I just wanted you to know I linked up with Hi Sugarplum today to share my ticket stub art project. All of the projects there today only take about an hour to complete. I’ve already browsed around, and after only a few minutes, I have some great projects I want to do. 

Just a little background about me, I often don’t follow recipes exactly, unless of course it is baking. Even then, I sometimes play around with ingredients. This blog has forced me to be better about measurements and cooking times, but overall in my kitchen there is a lot of guesstimation going on. I pretty much eyeball everything. This is how my grandma cooked, and this is how my Mom and sister cook. This is how I learned. So when I’m blogging about a recipe, and I say bear with me on times, measurements, or ingredients, that is what I mean. I’m trying to go on a few pictures, or maybe a few notes I’ve taken on my iPhone or on the back of a napkin, and my memory (which I must say is failing me lately).

Which brings me to this next recipe. I saw this recipe online a few weeks back. It was all over Pinterest, and I saw on several cooking web-sites like allrecipes. I must say this is the easiest recipe I’ve ever “thrown together,” and it is delicious. My youngest devoured it, which means if an almost two year old liked it, I’m pretty sure anyone will like it.


BBQ Pulled Pork

1 Pork Roast (I used a 3 lb pork loin)
Root Beer (I used two 16 oz bottles)
BBQ Sauce to taste (I used Sweet Baby Ray’s)
8 sandwich or hamburger rolls

In slow cooker, place pork roast and pour root beer over. Cook on high for 4-6 hours depending on size of roast.


When cooked, transfer roast to a bowl and shred by pulling apart gently with two forks. Add bbq sauce to taste and serve on rolls.

See? Isn’t that easy?


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