May 2012


Remember that show? I remember any guy friend I had in college thinking that show was awesome. You know what isn’t so awesome? This:

This was our mailbox. WAS, thank goodness! I don’t even know what to say about this mailbox, except that I bet that it hasn’t been touched since 1975. It is straight up Jenky, with a capital J. Anyway, it bothered the hubby and I. It bothered us a lot. We felt like it was such a bad representation of what our house is like, and we kind of felt like it showed we didn’t even care that we could paint the post and put up a $10 mailbox from this century.


It was a project that we figured could handle with some things we already had on hand, and a pretty inexpensive mailbox from Home Depot. Our goal was to spend as little money as possible. We used primer and black exterior paint we had on hand from painting the front door a few days earlier and painters caulk is something that we always like to have around. The only real money spent was on the new numbers and the actual mail box. So, on a cold Saturday, while Meema and Peepa watched the kids, we scraped, sanded, filled in some gaps with painters caulk, primed and painted, and attached some new numbers (have been removed in the pictures for privacy), and screwed in the new mailbox. Brian is not one for painting, but we were determined to finish this project in one day so we tag teamed it.

Here’s the after:


It’s nothing fancy, but it is so much better than before! Anyone else tackle a small weekend project that was just driving them crazy?